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About Us

Leonard Feldt is a Licensed Master Electrician with over 25 year’s experience in Construction and Maintenance, Industrial Electronic Control and has an Inter-Provincial Seal #309D.

Back in 1985 Leonard established Feldt Electric and he knew there was potential for an Electrical Contracting Company to survive in an already competitive industry, so long as they were are knowledgeable in their field and could use that knowledge to aid their customer’s needs.

For over 25 years, Leonard has been right.



To whom it may concern:

This letter is to confirm that our office has had an ongoing positive working relationship with the principal and staff at FELDT Electric Inc. since 1998 . In that time, we have successfully completed numerous institutional, commercial and school projects together.

We have found the members of FELDT Electric Inc. to be fully co-operative during construction and to deliver work in conformance with contract documentation. They have solved on-site conditions, have been fair in considering changes and additional work, have co-operated with Clients, and Building authorities and have generally delivered work of excellent quality. In addition, they have continued to respond to problems after commissioning, which often are beyond the requirements for standard warranty.

We would be pleased to recommend FELDT Electric Inc. for future projects.

Susan Friedrich B.E.S. B.ARCH OAA.




Through the tough times, and the good ones, his company managed to perform the work his customers wanted and managed to do so profitably enough, to maintain a presence for over 25 years.

Leonard believes that as much as times change, good values and ethics stay the course, and those values will reward those who live by them, in business and in their daily lives. “Be true to your customers, and they in turn, will be true to you”.

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